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have you guys used this site


its like a stock market of politics predictions. you can buy stock in political outcomes, and they pay out if you end up correct. you can also sell stock off prematurely if you want. i put in $15 and am already ahead. i bet on trump's approval being higher than anticipated (considering the kavanaugh thing backfiring a bit, and the usmca thing happening, and talk about the economy or w/e) and it paid off

my longest shot right now is saying the senate will end up 50/50

i tend to bet on what i dont want to happen so i can at least cheer myself up with money
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(10-09-2018, 08:51 PM)Ben Wrote: i tend to bet on what i dont want to happen so i can at least cheer myself up with money

ah good idea *browses for apocalypse events to predict against*
also lol u said tit
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(10-10-2018, 12:17 AM)risbolla Wrote: also lol u said tit

this is the content that keeps me coming back
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I hate everything
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i read a book called ''into the hills young master'' nd it gives me brain aneurisms
i give it a solid 2.5/5
if i bet on total systemic collapse will my winnings be paid by the Chinese?
update: im down 20 cents per share on the senate outcome being 50/50 and up 80 cents on the house getting flipped so im lookin to make a few bux tonight
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What are you going to do with all this hard earned cash
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I'd just bet on Putin staying in power forever and get filthy rich.

probably because if i'd bet the other way i'd be "dispatched"
isnt putin already filthy rich
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he is, but i sure as hell ain't

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