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The Spame Forum Experience - Registration Agreement

Spamerica takes no responsibility for the specific content of the Spame Forum Experience.

That being said, in the interest of having a constructive and functional community, we've ask that you respect the Three P's: Privacy, Prudence, and Pepperoni. Though the particular rules of Spame vary from forum to forum, respecting these P's are universal and essential. Excessive breach of conduct with regard to the Three P's will result in account termination. They are:

1) PRIVACY: You will not, under any circumstance, use Spame to share another person's private/personal information without their permission.
2) PRUDENCE: You will respect these rules, rules specific to a particular forum, and the decisions of moderation.
3) PEPPERONI: You will not embed non-work-safe images, or provide unlabeled links to non-work-safe URLs, unless there is a reasonable expectation of those threads, or that URL, being in itself non-work-safe.

By completing the sign-up process, you acknowledge that you've read these rules and will take responsibility for your content on the forum.