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The Spame Forum Experience - Agreement to the Rules

In the interest of hosting good and open discussion, there are not many rules in Spame. Generally, you should remember the three P's: Privacy, Prudence, and Pepperoni.

Privacy: Under no circumstance will you use the forum to share another person's personal/private information.
Prudence: Though our global rules are intentionally light, some forums within can be more strict and you should read their rules as well as respect the judgment and decisions of moderators.
Pepperoni: Do not link to not-work-safe images without properly tagging them as such, and do not embed not-work-safe images directly into the forum unless there is a reasonable expectation that that thread's topic will be explicitly not-work-safe.

Failure to comply with the rules can have a variety of consequences, including being muted, banned, or having access to forums or topics being restricted.

By registering to this forum, you acknowledge that you and your post content will be held to these standards.