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My Video Game Ideas
Retarded Faggot
This is a 3d adventure game for PS1 that looks and plays similarly to the Croc games of the same system. You go around collecting floating and spinning 3d retards and jumping around like a faggot. It's better than Mario, Sonic, and even Rayman. At the end of the game the main character dies by getting raped.

This is a game for the atari 2600 where you press the button as fast as you can and jack the joystick off to suck as many cocks as you can. There is no time limit so you just play until you want to kill yourself and get a fucking retardedly large world record so other fucking retards are forced to play longer than you to get a gay as fuck retard award.

Rape a Woman
In this game you go outside and find a woman walking down the streets in broad day light, swing at the back of her head as hard as you can with a baseball bat to knock her out and then drag her body into the back of your white van. Then you tie her up and take her back to your basement and when she wakes up she will be extremely scared and panicking while tied up. Then you rape and kill her. For Wii U.

Fuck a Retard Up
This is a first person game that uses extremely high tech advanced face texture mapping to make a photorealistic retard that you can fuck up using brass knuckles, a metal rod, a knife, gun, etc. You just beat the shit out of the retard in first person and it screams and bleeds and cries in confusion and fear. When the retard finally drops dead an actual picture of a naked retard pops up with the penis showing. This crashes your system and will remain stuck on the screen until you unplug the console. For PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. There is also a game boy version that has an extra "Screeching Retard" mode that just shows a pixelated picture of a retard using the 8-bit sound capabilities of the gameboy to sound like it's a retarded screaming but it just sounds like an extremely loud glitch emitting from the gameboy nonstop.

I will update with more Video Game ideas as I think of them
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i feel like ark is putting way more work into his posts than any of us ever did
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It is not surprising at all that this is the only contender for best post in the last two months
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I am stealing all of these and publishing them on Steam right now you will get no royalties
[Image: elxQuIB.jpg]
[Image: 6ltFqh0.png]

[Image: Sd9744R.png]
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watch this
u missed it

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