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anime video games
there's some video games that are anime inspired (star ocean, z.o.e., hyper dimension neptunia, persona, harvest moon)

so post itt your favorites and a brief summary on why they're good!!

fighting games have lots of anime like blazblue and guilty gear
(11-16-2016, 02:28 AM)shagg Wrote: are you a meme?
video games id consider anime that i love:
kingdom hearts
pokemon (lol)

also zone of the enders is good but i havent played all that much of it
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Katawa Shoujo
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call of duty
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so many good once !! some of the anime game i have play with anime type style thats good

100% orange juice
ys games
final fantasy games
hitogata happa
neptunia games
stranger of sword city
blazblue games
guilty gear games
fairy fencer f
senran kagura
legend of heroes trails in the sky
umihara kawase
phantasy star games

my favorites 100% orange juice its a cool 4 player ffa board game nd how u do is u have dice nd cards that u can use to mess up ur enemys of give urself advantage !! goal of game is to reach top level the fastest nd u can level up from collecting stars or slaying other players or slay other players to collect stars,,,,,,,,,there lots of different character and winning strategy what for ppl who play the game a couple of hour it must look like maybe a shallow game but itse xtremely complex and deep strategys actually wish i thinks hella cool

other good games hyperdimension neptunia series its like a jrpg with visual novel parts !! as a game this series is so nd so not the top type of gameplay i will admit ? if u are not big into anime girls this games probly not so much for u,,,,,,cos this anime girls are the focus of the game ! alot of refrences to gaming stuff with ton of memes and 4rd wall breaking so maybe if u are looking for something diferent from typical series of games to try new stuff maybe u can get into this types of game even if u are not hyper into anime girls

ys series also super fking excellent action rpg type games !! hard as balls !!!! i cant think of any rpg type games so challenging like ys series on the difficulty,,,,,,,very good boss fights especailly nd my favorite games in this series ys origin,,,,ys oath in felghana,,,,,,ys ark of napishtim defiantly recommended this games if u like to pull ur hair out and cry for mommy lol !

im like blazblue nd guilty gear also but im no good for fighter games hehe the moves in guilty gear are really hard for me compare to alot of other type of fighting game also,,,,,,,but its fun to play even when im not so good !! if u have same guilty gear games like me i will fight u
risbolla you pathetic soul
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why do u try nd start a fight with me ? do u want to die bitch
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get nitroplus blasterz
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Fire Emblem and Xenoblade Chronicles are pretty cool

Oh yeah there's a whole series of Xeno games but I haven't played them
Song of saya because I like it when my dick is confused
probly will get nitroplus blasterz ya,,,,,crazy casts of anime girls from erotic vns !! like saya from saya no uta nd saber fate/stay night
sengoku rance
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