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in order to save supplies and not die of thirst I have been peeing in a 10 gallon bucket that is now full of extremely orange pee. I leave it in the middle of the room and I accidentally bumped into it causing a big wave of pee to fly up and over the brim and splash onto the carpet. so I got down on my hands and knees and sucked the pee up out of the carpet. eventually I had a few buckets from peeing so much but I keep bumping into them and knocking them over and some of the buckets are filled to the brim but i keep peeing in them and my carpet is now a completely soaked pee swamp and pee splashes up while i walk around in my bare feet and I also started to just poop on the floor.
my piss has been coming out green the last few days, not like bright lime green but nasty booger green. Its been coming out in lumps too, like i can see the shaft of my hard erect cock get thicker as the next lump of booger green piss comes out and hits the floor like a sack...you know what maybe its not even pee maybe it just boogers . i can try clearing it out with my lucky stick of rebar but last itime i did that my doctor rape me into next week lol what a asshole !,
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buttered poop

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