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Hello everyone, I just discovered a new part of my body. It's called the Pangus and it produces green sludge. I'm going to perform a few experiments on it such as slamming it in a door and sticking it in a blender. I will let you know the results.
If it works, I'll try to stick it in more things too, like everything I can think of. A cup of sugar, a bowl of melted cheese, a jar of mayo, a bottle of ketchup, a jar of pickles, a box of cereal, a loaf of bread, a bag of peas, a can of beans, a package of ham, a stick of butter, a gallon of milk, a bucket of poop.

I'll even try to think of some things that aren't food, such as animals. A cat, a dog, a weasel, a opossum, a horse, a donkey, a zebra, a pony, a zorse, a liger, a manatee, a cephalopod, an orangutan, a tasmanian devil, a retard. I might even try to stick it in an actual human if I can find one.

I'm EXTREMELY excited to explore the possibilities of my new Pangus. I'll teach you guys how to find your own Pangus too, but I want to do some more research before doing so, in case no one else has ever discovered this before. By the way, I named it Pangus after my great grandfather, Pangus.
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