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evil retard vs cool chill retard
once upon a time there was two guys that was born retarded. one was cool cool and good at playstation. the other one was a completely evil retard that was trying to destroy the world. they were borth born on the same second of the same day and the same minute and the same mommy. then after thye were born the cool chill retard was just chillin but the evil retard got up and started walking to the gun store. then he got a gun and shot the guy selling the guns and took all the guns. then he uset the guns to buy nukes. then 50 years later cool chill retard was chillin playing plastation then evil retard appeared on his tv and said i'm going to nuke the planet FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and cool chill retard was like that's not chill and he told his mom and they got in trouble and had to go back to retard skool.
then one time cool chill retard beat devil may cry 1 on dante must die difficulty and became awesome cool chill retard
for ps2

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