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This brought back memories
Hey dudes, I don't post on here much but I found a video on YouTube that I think all of you will appreciate:

Quick update:
- I live in Chicago (only 3 hours from hometown of Kalamazoo, MI)
- I'm all in for Bernie (because I have a brain)
- I play music in my own band with some great friends (guitar/vocals)
- I still animate pretty regularly (abstract stuff for the music videos)
- We'll be releasing an album summer 2020 (I'll post about it then)
- I love playing DotA 2 (PC) and Rainbow Six: Siege (Xbox One) -- GT: Chrisso
- I still troll all the time but not at work (IT)
- I still have The Declaration of Chrisso on my external hard drive and will happily post it again (if you want)
- I still remember you all and love you and hope you die.

If anybody else lives in or around Chicago, message me and let's grab a beer!
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im down for the declaration (for nostalgic reasons)

right on for bernie, he's about as good as these american political leeches get (k**l them all)

making music is dope, i too am an artist (my debut solo album may drop before yours)

original animations are always welcomed here in the casino (original animations are always welcomed here in the casino)
death to america but also my teeth hurt so it wouldn’t chap my ass much if Bernie won
[Image: NSiuXpT.jpg]
where's the sonic avatar
can't find it anymore
i was just up norte (wisconsin/IL) to visit my fam over the holidays

what direction from chi city are you?
[Image: Sd9744R.png]
Uptown...real far north. You got FB?

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