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The Great Debate
What do you call the illusive pepper? Is it green? Is it a bell? Where I live, it is always quite the conundrum, is it to you? Do you have philosophical debates about pepper names in the middle of rush hour at work as well? Please, explain your reasoning below.

To me, it has always been a green pepper. I had never heard it used as "bell pepper" until I was 19 and working for Papa Johns. One of the drivers called it that (it's labeled green peppers) and I was quite confused.
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what about red and yellow bell pepper
is that also called green pepper
how can that be
I think bell peppers are the big ones that can be cut into quadrants, as opposed to like little chili peppers (not red hot ones like Flea HAHA)

I think anyway, googling things at this hour is beneath me
i call it paprika
oh shit am i responsible for this thread
i agree with raicuparta though i mean there are red and yellow variants as well so bellpepper makes more sense i think
Don't say pepper that's too much linguistic confusion. Paprika is the way to go brothers
yeah bell pepper CAN refer to any color of pepper so you might say you want some "bell peppers" on your pizza and it would mean any/every color of bell pepper
i cant think of a place where another color of bell would be inappropriate in place of green or otherwise, so i think "green pepper" should be used when you specifically want the green one
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wait wtf, in the states 'paprika' is a dry seasoning, never heard that word in another context

u guys fucking with us or did i just get some knowledge dropped on me
I had no idea they weren't actively called paprika in the english speaking world because apparently the native English speakers I met in Europe adapted to our use without much discussion. I was taught the word paprika comes from hungarian but I'm sceptical because the Turks introduced it to Europe. In any case I think some bits got lost in translation on the word's way to England so it just got conflated with pepper, the spice, except in those cases where it is used as a spice itself
paprika seasoning is made from dried paprikas
the english translation for paprika would be pepper as in chili peppers or bell peppers
pepper however can be confused with black pepper which is a completely different plant
down with pepper embrace the paprika
I think you should conform to paprika itll make you sound old worldey and mysterious
pepper ? i barely know her
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when u live in opposite land and think pepper is a fruit and paprika is a dry condiment
bell pepper because there’s multiple colors of them
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