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attn: people such as urser and legrand
do you have any old comic tournament sheets you could give me?
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@Urser @Tyler_Legrand @Relaps
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i actually made myself laugh re-reading this one
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wonderful thank you
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I might have some on my old mac. I'll check this weekend
(11-16-2016, 02:28 AM)shagg Wrote: are you a meme?
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oh hi is this still relevant
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ok real talk:

i think the comic tournament is such a cool and great idea, and i see people with webcomics getting instapopular and i imagine theyd love to collaborate with other artists, make dumb jokes, etc

at least, this is what i thought- but ive tried posting to facebook groups, discords, bringing back old personalities, reaching out to some of our own comic people... and ive got nothin

i mean, you get drowned the hell out of the facebook groups. either advertising is allowed and your post never, ever gets seen OR it isnt allowed and you can't advertise

in discord, it's totally a buyer's market and nobody looks at anybody's anything. i mean, there are 90,000 comic makers and none of them want to read each other's comics but want everyone to read theirs. comic tournament is a great way to cross-pollinate this, but if nobody wants to look in the first place then you're fucked

i reached out to our peeps but got nowhere. honestly, the most disheartening part of it all was putting so much work into this stuff and then reaching out to them and getting replies that look like they were written by an AI that learned all it knows from corporate e-mails. like, "dont forget where you're from" is a lame weirdo thing to say but, we need them now and they're too busy to help promote or whatever. do they think theyd be doing comic stuff if they didn't have an outlet on the old forum? i get that everyone's lives are busy, i do. i really do

and finally, the most important point- who am i? i mean, im not personally an artist. i'm a terrible marketer, terrible at dealing with people, and the classic "ben cares too much about this" is once again my failure. i dunno how to EXPLAIN the tournament. if you can't share it in a facebook headline, it's over. if i'm not putting something out that can get to the top of reddit with a dumb pun or meme template, it's over.

playing to the cheap seats with lowest common denominator humor and minimum viable product art then ask to donate your chaturbate tokens: good, acceptable Original Content. btw does anyone else hate capitalism? ha ha ha

asking people to share each other's time, attention, and talent with no commitment other than time, attention and talent with the opportunity for money out of my own pocket: no advertising pls

anyway, ive thought of three options:

1) do a tournament with like 4 people. it'll be funny at least
2) postpone to another date and take another stab at advertising
3) postpone indefinitely
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addendum to my joke about capitalism: not trying to start a new Debate Zone here and not trying to be pro-commie mommy or pro-fatty daddy, but ive always thought that if people wanted to really put their money where there mouth is against dark, spooky Corporate Hell they'd leverage their humanity and reputation (immutable social concepts) to help others but unless you're a potential patreon donor you can get the heck out
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Bummer, Ben

It is true I have been doing a ton of crap in my life

But anyway I found out my imgur account still has some comic stuff! Looking through these is a trip and a half

[Image: SOemV.gif]

Actually some comics are really horrible and I hate them and I don't think you can use them but I'll post them anyway
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