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Anyone here had penis reduction surgery?
I'm having mine in a about a week, since it's so big it has interfered with my life a bit, but the problem is it's so big even after the surgery it will still be the largest dick on planet earth and probably the universe. They say they can't cut away that much meat in one go. There's just not enough room in the hospital. Plus all the grocery stores have already pre-ordered and will be overstocked on my cock meat for the months to come. So the next time you're in the super market buying dick meat, it probably came from my giant SCHLONG
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good luck bro, i can completely relate u r nota lone
idk how big my Penis is because every time I take it out everyone starts sucking on it it's a nightmare I've been pissing my pants ever since I turned 18
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i know k-man is lying because he mentioned his dick size in the old forum
i remember it because i'm super gay
dick size: impossibly colossal
do dogs get specific allergies when they're over counters
I had my entire dick cut off and it's still bigger than it needs to be
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i didnt need surgery i was born with it
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bad news guys, the surgery went well but they didn't accept me to mensa because my brain is just too damn big
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I feel u bro, got thrown out of AA yesterday due to the inhuman size of my liver
i had a penis reduction surgery
it was normal sized before but i have a humiliation fetish

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