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Poll: Is Deckard a replicant
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Is Deckard a replicant
I say yeah, I thought Wallace’s explanation of why Rachael was created gave it away

The movie’s cool but very long.
I never bought that Deckard is a replicant but K being asked if he enjoyed hunting his own kind was kind of a throwback. It would also make Deckard eating only noodles in BR an interesting detail, if replicants don't eat much else.

Anyway, I still wouldn't say Deckard is.
(11-16-2016, 02:28 AM)shagg Wrote: are you a meme?
Deckard is not a replicant, it wouldn't make any sense, Ridley Scott fucked the movie up with the billion releases of the original and adding in all kinds of bullshit. I haven't watched the new blade runner BTW so if the new one adds something in then maybe he is but it would be retarded if he was
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i echo was spastic just said but also, i think the film alluding to him being a replicant is fine if you take it to mean that he is very similar to a replicant which is inevitably true. that is, "replicants arent that different from a jaded cop guy" is true and the real important message which is why its dumb to think its literal. and ridley scott

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