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who had a crack at the new fangled CoD WWII beta thing?
I did. 

couldnt get it to run acceptably on my i7 950, 6GB RAM and GTX 960 until i downloaded the latest nVidia drivers - turns out they really do help

booted the game, played domination for a while 

Seems OK

seems the same as pretty much every other CoD.

Uninstalled the game after the Beta ended

will not buy game ever
4781 Days and counting
There's more than one CoD?
this was more a review of your gtx 960 than the game but good to know
(11-16-2016, 02:28 AM)shagg Wrote: are you a meme?
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i think that speaks volumes about the game, dontcha think?
4781 Days and counting

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