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halfway through september play thread
(09-29-2016, 12:42 AM)GeorgeBubbinz Wrote:
(09-29-2016, 12:28 AM)grue Wrote: and in both of these it's not the strongest card

unless it is

and yeah so, the card most guilty of potentially game-swinging, game-winning rng is in three or 4 decks that can be played at the legend rank. that's crazy. I will concede that it is a super fun card, and there needs to be cards like that, but I think it's a little hard to argue a case for it being 'good for the game'.

Innervate, Fandral, Mire Keeper, and all of the otherwise balanced cards (Raven Idol, Wrath, Nourish) coupled with Fandral (druid)

Flamewaker, Babbling Book, burn spells out the wazoo (mage)

Answers To Pretty Much Everything (warrior)

Tuskarr Totemic, Spirit Claws, Doomhammer (shaman)

- those are the cards that sustain the deck, you can't rely on yogg to win. it's a win condition sure, but hardly what is keeping the decks winning. I agree that yogg is a bit too silly to bring to tournaments, but it's hardly the card that's carrying the deck
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I never said it was those decks only win condition or even that it is overpowered, although it frequently is and can be. I just can't believe they made it when people were already wary of crazy game winning rng and cards that you either can't play around or have a lot of trouble playing around.


I like this nerf. also rip otk warrior
The one and only king of cums.

god damn! well

the change to yogg is the best one they could think of. also thank god they tampered with tuskarr.

no changes to innervate though and that, that really grinds my gears
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i've played a lot of cities skylines because once I sit down to play that game I often lose like, 4 hours... no problem
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im reading a preview of ashes of ariandel and im so fucking moist
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