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THE NTR PODCAST - EPISODE 5: "Neo-Totemic Rituals"
hey so we did a NEW podcast


in this one, i begin to describe what is philosophically an epistemological problem but is in reality just my inability to conduct myself socially. we eventually talk about mysticism and how deeply rooted in us it is, or something

notable thing to say here is that its the first one since the first batch and that its pretty much the standard for what i want now. grue got a new microphone, im in a nice quiet place with my non-laptop microphone, we talk about something cool, we have our intros and outros and we even actually say goodbye this time

i think its cool. i hope you listen to it
[Image: Sd9744R.png]

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THE NTR PODCAST - EPISODE 5: "Neo-Totemic Rituals" - by Ben - 06-22-2016, 03:08 AM

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