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THE NTR PODCAST - EPISODE 5: "Neo-Totemic Rituals"
so is this the new joe zombie 7 or
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dr. doofus over here traded his microphone for more beer and now i need him to get a job
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temporary perth post

I ended my PhD in june and had a job until october

then I had two jobs lined up: one would start in november (2months) and then there was a research position that I was favoured to get starting january (3years)

november job was cancelled last minute. the research position hasn't even opened for applications yet (last I asked, they said "maybe march") and my october job hasn't paid me yet because of complications in funding

because I was just out of my PhD this means I'm very much broke. I have a new job that would technically start monday, but it's with the same people who haven't paid me yet and I told them that I refuse to work until they pay me what they owe. which means I'll either get paid soon or I'm majorly screwed. since I was working freelance (because I was a phd student) I have no unemployment benefits to claim and since being an adult means paying bills I am now in debt again

meanwhile, I'm living with my parents which means no place to talk openly (either there's people around or people are asleep) AND my $30 headset is ruined on account of it being a $30 headset. this will not go on for long - the worst case scenario is tax return season comes along and I'm back on track - but meanwhile I'm very much stuck between a rock and a hard place
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steal bikes and sell them for money
I don't live in a scandinavian hellscape where everyone rides bikes in the freezing cold
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watch a you tube tutorial then u can steal cars in stead
with my luck ill be stealing some poor sap like myself and be forced to pay for his car problems
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years ago I was a 'victim' of identity theft

whoever jacked my info was very good about paying back their loans and whathaveyou on time, my credit was at its all-time high
all the while you were watching seinfeld in a garage somewhere getting high
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It was I, assassin of credit debt
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thank you tyler durden

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