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hey guys i live in the discord
hey im a fragile snowflake little princess pussy fucking bot who lives in a discord no one gives a fuck about for some insane reason full of other freaks. i cant tell whats a joke or real at all because im a completely hopelessly lost fucking autistic moron. i have absolutely no idea how to detect sarcasm or jokes unless it's so obvious that it's in the form of a comic and i'm a fucking absolute braindead creep who acts like a fucking adult baby freak who has nothing of value to provide to anyone because all I'm capable of is crying like a hurt little bitch at every little thing because i'm not human - im a brainless crying bitchbot programmed to cry and bitch and repeat what i see on twitter automatically like a trained dog earning a doggy treat. i am a digusting pathetic brainwashed weirdo with no spine who reposts fucking stupid not even remotely funny at all, cringe shit from facebook and twitter in a discord like a fucking middle aged sub-room temperature iq cow with absolutely nothing to do and acts exactly like a fucking bitch fucking npc whose head is full of air and stares blankly while cross-eyed breathing through my mouth and drooling, mind completely blank and devoid of thought scrolling through sites made to take advantage of retards and I act like a little kid with a vendetta with the brain capacity of a preschooler and am delusional and disgusting and repulsive to see because it's so sad and pathetic and such a waste of life because im just clueless and hopelessly fucking stupid, all i do is stink up the place make sure no one is having any fun and just bring everyone's mood down acting like a bitch and trying to be a cop. and i am a retarded fucking stupid FAGGOT! hey
WOW you'll fit right in!!!!!
wow that's amazing im so happy because i have no real friends or life since i live on a discord and live on twitter and act like a stupid woman
ur a gay freaky noobb
thats fair

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