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The News
No one in the entire world farted yesterday, but some pooped.
Wow, that's absolutely incredible! How long did the person who pooped the longest yesterday poop for?
The person who pooped for the longest amount of time yesterday pooped for 24 hours. They are still pooping and they might poop forever. We don't know yet.
prove it
[Image: Sd9744R.png]
It was me, proven by me. Source: me.
It was on the news. Also, new news: the guy is still pooping and he's been pooping this whole time. He was even pooping before we even talked about it on this here news. We will keep you updated.
hey stop reporting about me i'll finish pooping when im goddanm ready
That log has gotta end at some point
Hey guys the guy is still pooping.
Welcome back to The News. The guy is still pooping and he's been pooping this whole time. At this point he may have been pooping for years. We don't know yet because he won't respond, he's just constantly eating nonstop while pooping into the toilet which is constantly flushing. So food is constantly going into his body and it almost seems like it's being instantly converted into poop which is constantly streaming out of his asshole and sucked into the void of the constantly flushing toilet. In other news I might fart tomorrow.

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