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Remember when I was psychotic?
AMA it's finally been more than a calendar year without being violently apprehended by police and brought to a hospital for mental health treatment, which is nice to be able to say for the first time in a few years.
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congratulations, I too just passed a year without hospitalization

here's my question: who were you on the old forum? I've seen you post here before and maybe that was already answered but i cbf to go back and search
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OHHH ok hey sup
Nm spent most of the past year depressed as hell until I unilaterally decided to discontinue using my two antipsychotics. Possibly ill advised but turned out to be a great idea. Took a few months but I'm not nearly as dead inside anymore. Unfortunately my PTSD is more severe than ever, partially due to last summer (did you see my cuff injury? anyone wanna see my scar?) where honestly too many things to recount rn happened, and partially because I'm sure my years of Seroquel and newly prescribed Olanzapine had been deadening the symptoms. But honestly okay with where I am right now, working full time, taking care of my cats and apartment, seeing friends, and as of recently seeing my old psych and a new therapist. I hope it keeps trending upward.
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Also I think not telling anybody who I was may have been some manic game/trick I was playing? Idk
I too learned that steady pharmaceutical use makes me dead inside. I spent 10 months up until the first month of August lowkey taking 2mg of subutex daily, to help keep my opiate habit at bay. A small dosage for that drug, usually us junkies take 4-8mg a day, but it was effective for a time. After a while I started getting unexplained body pains and feeling depressed, my shine was dimmed severely. I started changing things my life, including diet, until I realized the drug was the issue. Weened down for a week, spent another week in acute withdrawal then began slowly recovering. Feeling better than ever, and even feeling emotions in their full state again!

Western medicine sucks. Being bipolar sucks. Weed has been a lifesaver. The best mental changes come from within, as naturally as possible. I still want to destroy all governments and end the world, but that innate desire was always there <3
my best friend took his own life a month ago, after a psychotic break at the end of May. Whatever first batch of meds they gave him didnt work or didn't work fast enough, and no one from the hospital reached back out to check on him. i think there must have been a combination of meds that would have saved his life.

so, stay strong my brain bros

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