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Perth Thread
How are all five of you guys doing?

I lost my job because of Covid-19 not allowing me to do fieldwork, so I've been using this opportunity to focus on funding applications while taking odd editing gigs. I should jump back on research sooon but it's all very vague.

It's been weird because Covid took my earnings but my workload has actually increased. Or has tried to increased, rather. People just assume others have free time because of the damn quarantine. Which sure, I do, but it's "free" time for me, it's not "free" for you, guy. Pay me or move on.

I've also gone back to trying to quit smoking. I held for two months but had a cig recently. The anxiety was killing me, and now it's been just kinda there so I can manage it.
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It's been a fuckin free-for-all of a year, and it isn't even June yet. Just when I think I've got this Life™ thing figured out, the gods say "Hey motherfucker, how about a pandemic? Yeah, suck on that curveball, nerd."

I spent 2 months in self-isolation (props to my phone for wanting to correct that to "self-immolation") and that in itself was a journey. It started out with a sudden stop to all income and being forced to be alone with my thoughts weeks at a time, which was horrifying at first but then led to coming to terms with a lot in my life. By mid-April, I was getting that sweet sweet PUA and that extra $600 a week certainly rented my happiness for a while. I almost got too used to being paid to sit home and fuckoff everyday by the end of last month... after a couple decades of working bullshit jobs with no paid vacations, this was finally my chance to slow down and heal. I took advantage of that and loved it. Amongst all my binge-watching, I streamed every episode of Community, which I've never stopped to watch before. Absolutely loved it, what a wonderful show.

I returned to work about a week ago, now I'm lovin that too. This is the golden age of food delivery, been averaging $40/hour some days just doing UberEats. Social distancing is like my favorite thing ever, people standing the fuck away from me and wearing a mask so I don't have to breathe their nasty germs is GREAT. I hope this never goes out of style. Watching the economy crumble and conservatives have meltdowns has been a secret joy too. It's like living through a soft apocalypse, and I am totally here for it.

Coronavirus: 9/10, looking forward to the imminent 2nd shutdown :thup:
Holy dick that UberEats cash is real. I can't unstick myself from my computer, it's been my greatest bane. I was joking that the quarantine has been for me just regular life without getting paid, but it's actually a little worse because of the expctations I mentioned.

I'm also loving the social distancing. Having a valid excuse to not touch or be touched has been great. I'm also learning a lot of new skills to pass the time - I'm full on working on my creepy van to convert it so I'll be able to sleep in it come summer. I plan on travelling a bit to benefit my mental health. Not my physical health because there will be hard drinking involved, but one out of two isn't bad.
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