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Retard Cunt 2: The Last Cunt
Hey guys are you going to go see Retard Cunt 2: The Last Cunt when it comes out in theaters? I am and it's all I can think about or talk about and I can't wait to go see it because it's going to be shitty and retarded. Then after I see it we can talk about what happened and say omg did you see the movie? haha remember when that part happened? haha yeah I do because I saw the movie. Hey do you remember when the other part happened? yes omg that was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! do you remember that one cool part or that one part or that other part or that other part and that other part and the other part? Hey wanna go watch it again? I do because I just love to just sit and watch a movie that I already saw in case something different happens this time and I just love to watch it more and more because it's so gay.
nah thanks for the offer

bet youthought i forgot about this , bitch
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nevar 4get

It was funny. I like how Luigey gets all punk a** on Mario. Although it did not take graphical experties, the movie was fricken' hillarious. Keep it up dude!
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