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Oscars 2020: a blockbuster thread
General discussion about the upcoming awards but more importantly a thread where we can predict winners and argue over snubs

My big thing this year is absolutely no nominations for UNCUT GEMS, a film that has just grown with me ever since I saw it around Christmas. I've only seen it once but it gets better and better in my head. Absurd Sandler is not nominated but even more absurd, the direction is phenomenal and not nominated. This is what kind of movie Hollywood should want people to make... The intensity and anxiety in scenes that are largely dialogue. There's not a lot of action but it feels like an Ocean's Eleven high-stakes film.

Other than that, I thought JOJO RABBIT was a surprising film. I was sold on the imaginary hitler concept and did not expect an actual film that went deeper into the Jewish plight. But I was most impress with ScarJo -- her character is phenomenal. Lovable, fun, amazingly charismatic. Such a different role than the brooding/sad/action-star we normally see her as. This role is going to open up so much more from her. You really do love her as a mother and mentor in this movie.
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Parasites is a likely oscar winner. Other than that, honestly most films I've seen lately were crap.
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I believe I read somewhere recently that if Adam Sandler was snubbed by the Oscars for that movie, he would retaliate by intentionally making a really bad film. Granted, he's done some pieces of crap, but none of them were intended to be crap.

Ironically, I imagine such a movie would accidentally be really enjoyable. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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