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Morrowind (still the best video game, right?)
I'll actually fight you on this one. By far the best immersive experience, especially with OpenMW getting closer to actually remastering the game with an open-source engine. And anyone who mods out the chance to miss your attacks is a coward. I definitely support using mods that do things like adding magicka regeneration or rebalancing certain aspects to your preference, but fundamentally changing the mechanics of the game too much ruins the flow IMO. Telvanni life, Vivec did nothing wrong.
cant believe how WRONG you are

the game should be played AS INTENDED!!! openmw is the optimal way, because even bethesda's inability to design/code a game got in the way of its intentions but regenerating magicka is TOO FAR
[Image: Sd9744R.png]
anyway, dagoth ur welcomes you old friend

[Image: IMG_20190808_134231.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20190808_134219.jpg]
[Image: Sd9744R.png]
well my bad for wanting to cast more than 4 spells before having to cut a hole in time to rest
oh hey voryn, didn't see you there, how has that whole creating a new dream thing been working for you? mine's almost done.
compared to Bethesda's games today? yes morrowind is the bestest

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