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Pee - Does it smell good?
Does anyone know if pee smells good? If I pee my pants will it make me smell good? I have no idea if pee smells good and I can't figure it out.
pee dont smell it doesnt even have a nose
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I'm tired of peeing, wish there was a way around it
Yesterday I went to go pee and I leaned down into the toilet bowl and took a big whiff of it. I couldn't tell if it smeeled good or not. Than I went to sleep. Then. The next moreing i went to go to the
bathroom. then i said should i try to smeel my pee. I mean should I try to taste me pee. So i pointed my dick at my mouth and opened my mouth and peed into my mouth. I couldnt tell if it tasted good or not. So i went to google. and asked google if pee tastes or smells good. It couldnt tell me the answe so i ddondtkltneortna glka4tjjjgalnv
when I drink coffee OOOOH WEEEE, does that pee pee smell like something strong
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pee is stored in the balls so yes

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