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TV Shows - grue - 08-22-2019

I've finished season two of Mindhunter.

It's a show about the birth of the FBI division that handles serial killers. It's based on a true story of an FBI guy who interviewed a bunch of nasty men. But it's also fictional because the characters are made up (the main character is meant to be inspired on but not a copy of that FBI guy) and so are their personal side stories.

It's an ok show. The cinematography is fine but as I've commented somewhere else they overdid it with the makeup so everyone looks like a character in The Mask. Plot is also ok, I feel like the show pretends to be something that it's not - really it's just a true crime show with a shiny coat.

I say watch it if you like seeing stuff about serial killers, the acting is very good on that end and every actor that plays a killer does a good job. But I also think the show is overhyped. For all the time it takes on dialogue you'd think it would actually go somewhat deeper, but so far it's a load of nothing.

RE: TV Shows - Ben - 08-24-2019

i watched some conspiracy videos, men in black movies, x files, unsolved mysteries with robert stack, and suffice to say i believe that aliens definitely exist and are made of sexy goo when will smith shoots them

RE: TV Shows - fat lesbian - 08-25-2019

the last season of orange is the new black was just ok. the invader zim movie is pretty good

RE: TV Shows - Zomber_Jesus - 08-26-2019

I felt like I enjoyed Mindhunter until I realised that enjoyment was relative to other murder mysteries which are shit 90% of the time. What definitively kept me coming back was the interviews with serial killers because I personally enjoy dissections of conversation dynamics, but after a while it gets hard to pretend that seeing one interview didn't mean seeing them all.

If you like reading spooky Wikipedia articles late at night this is about as good

RE: TV Shows - grue - 08-26-2019

The fact that they shifted from character progression to "hey look at how we solve this crime" really is responsible for that problem. We know how those crimes were solved. It's public knowledge. What we don't know is what goes on with the fictional characters, so why ignore that bit? Meh.

RE: TV Shows - grue - 08-26-2019

OH and I binged all three Stranger Things seasons.

It's a good kids show and I like cheesy stories about adventures and whatever. I think they kinda blew their load too soon with the plot and it could have more political intrigue but again it's a show for teenagers so it's fine. I do think that by the third season some characters kinda... changed? I don't want to spoil things but their behaviour was a little weird.

RE: TV Shows - grue - 09-07-2019

I watched the first episode of True Detective season 2

it didn't grab me like the first season did so I pressed pause on that endeavour

I started watching Bob's Burgers and it's cool so far, rabbit ears girl reminds me of my niece

RE: TV Shows - Alienator - 09-13-2019

McCoughagy should have "I work for big tobacco" on the back of his jacket instead of COP. THE GUY SMOKES SOOOO MUCH !! The script is dull, stilted, and all over the place. The continuity person should be fired. Check out when McCoughagy checks out the corpse, gloves on/gloves off. No gloves at the autopsy.I don't like to fault Harrelson, but his character is dull as dishwater and even though he's married, he's unable to bring off a semblance of normal. The storyline is so disjointed it's hard, or pointless to follow. I see it's getting high praise from some quarters, but the reviewers must be getting paid. Another flop series, I won't watch another episode.

RE: TV Shows - shagg - 09-14-2019

Season 3 of true detective is cool. Uses dementia and non linear storytelling to great effect. And Mahershala Ali is amazing all the time