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CHANGELOG 1.4 - Ben - 12-05-2018

"main website" is un-live

the main page will exist to branch into the following things:

-untitled forum-related project
-untitled forum-related project
-pokemon trading card game wiki (yes, really)
-archive of posts / articles with an analytical bend
-podcast as hosted by me, daniel, and more???

on a related note, we moved! we're now hosted on a different provider and the main url is no more using my dumb "name" on it. we have made spamerica great again

changes: re-named and moved some forums. fixed the alerts thing kicking its way to the bottom left. not much else, but there is definitely more to cum

RE: CHANGELOG 1.4 - grue - 12-05-2018

oh shit im getting shadowbanned from the podcast

RE: CHANGELOG 1.4 - fat lesbian - 01-17-2019

im not gonna make a new thread for this but im getting some mysql authentication errors every so often

RE: CHANGELOG 1.4 - Ben - 01-18-2019

hmm can you attribute anything to that specifically (what are you clicking, are you talkin from a browser mobile, etc)

an error code helps too. i think it has to do with this being a clone of the forum from the old domain, i got it a lot until i cleared my cookies but tbh i dont expect anyone to do that because im a digital hoarder and it kills me when i have to

RE: CHANGELOG 1.4 - Ben - 01-22-2019

-likes were fucked up now they work again i think

RE: CHANGELOG 1.4 - Delirious Biznasty - 01-22-2019

looks like they do but it looks weird

RE: CHANGELOG 1.4 - fat lesbian - 01-22-2019

ill screenshot it next time i get it. a refresh fixes it and im used to seeing mysql errors when im testing something so refreshing is like instinct lol. only happens on safari on mobile, it looks like it might be trying to connect while the database is updating

likes work but the background is light grey instead of black

RE: CHANGELOG 1.4 - grue - 01-22-2019

[Image: d09e598147.png]