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hello everybody,

in the past we have done a spame "secret santa" where we exchanged gifts. sometimes, it worked out. sometimes it was even fun. as mom and dad are on hard times nowadays, we have decided to have a small christmas and only expect to be exchanging something like a card for the holiday season

chris, aka "the_solipsist", aka "too good to join the forum", has taken it upon himself to curate this years secret poverty santa. if you would like to sign up, use this document:


there is kind of two facets: you get your chosen user and a user gets you, as is typical, but then also you can send to many people if you'd like. its all about the christmas cheer. no jews please

note: i personally dont mind sending cards to the greedy grinches that are too lazy/disadvantaged to participate officially. if you are one of these, answer the survey and then include the nonsense word "snorkelborg" in the "tell about yourself" section. yes really i will do it (assuming chris forwards me the info)

thanks and have a merry ho ho ho-mas